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Join us for an interactive field day on troubleshooting no-till systems in Southwest Michigan. If you currently no-till, have ever considered no-till, or simply enjoy talking about soil health, this event is for you. Invited speakers will discuss both challenges and successes with using no-till. Participants will be able to get a view of no-till soil surfaces and sub-surfaces through a soil pit while discussing other soil health indicators for a better understanding of the entire system.

WHEN: 9:00am-2:00pm, Friday, July 19, 2024
WHERE: Stuck Farms, 93599 County Road 652, Marcellus, MI, 49067

9:00am: Registration & Coffee
9:30am: Welcome & Discussion of Farmers for Soil Health (Kristin Poley, Michigan Corn)
9:45am: Managing weeds in No-till (Dr. Erin Burns, MSU)
10:30am: Cover Crops in No-till (Madelyn Celovsky, MSU)
11:15am: What do we know after 30 years of no-till research? (Christine Charles, MSU Extension)
11:45am: No-till on our Farm (Stuck Family Farms)
12:15pm: Soil Pit (Nicolle Ritchie, MSU Extension)
1:00pm: Lunch

For information or accommodations, contact the St. Joseph County MSU Extension office at
or 269-467-5511.

This event is co-hosted by MSU Extension and Farmers for Soil Health, which is supported by the Corn Marketing Program of Michigan, the Michigan Pork Producers Association, and the Michigan Soybean Committee.