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Legislative Work

Urgent Action Needed: Don't Cap Your Future

The White House is currently considering a proposal that would gut the Renewable Fuel Standard, triggering huge losses in farm income and rural jobs.

Officials are meeting first thing Monday morning on this issue, and the White House needs to hear from you TODAY that you oppose these efforts to attack the Renewable Fuel Standard!

Two Ways to Speak Up!
Call the White House at 202-456-1111 and leave a message for President Trump

Send a message to President Trump (@realDonaldTrump) on Twitter and through social media with the #RFSworks hashtag.

The proposal, which is being pushed by the oil industry, would cap the price of Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs). These numbers are used to track the blending of ethanol into the fuel supply. If a refiner doesn’t blend enough ethanol over the course of the year, they can purchase these RINs from other refiners that blended extra ethanol. Instead of letting the market decide the price of those RINs, oil companies want to put a cap on those costs, removing the incentive for them to blend ethanol.

American farmers can’t afford this deal that will only bail out a small number of oil refiners on the backs of family farmers across the country and here in Michigan.

Talking Points

 - Farm income has fallen four straight years and rural families are facing what the Wall Street Journal called “the steepest slide since the Great Depression.”

 - The proposed cap on RINs will harm farmers like me by decreasing the amount of ethanol blended into the fuel supply, reducing farm incomes and rural jobs at a time when farmers are already facing huge economic challenges.

          - The cap would cut farm income by $4 billion per year for the next two years.

          - It could cost farmers up to 25-cents per bushel when corn prices are already low

          - (Share what 25 cents per bushel would mean for your individual farm income)

 - Farmers are counting on President Trump to follow through on his commitment to support the RFS because the RFS works.