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The Corn Marketing Program of Michigan (CMPM) is accepting research proposals for 2022. CMPM is interested in funding research and demonstration initiatives that reflect the interests of the corn industry and return significant value to corn farmers who fund those efforts. Proposals are due by Friday, November 19 at 5 p.m. EST.

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Current Research

Epidemiology and Management of Tar Spot

Dr. Marty Chilvers
Michigan State University

Controlled Drainage: A Conservative Drainage Practice to Reduce Phosphorus Loss From Subsurface-Drained Fields

Dr. Ehsan Ghane
Michigan State University

Utilizing Early Maturing Corn Hybrids to Maximize Cover Crop Biomass, Soil Health, Corn Yield and Sustainable Integrated Weed Management in MI

Dr. Erin Burns
Michigan State University

Predicting Agronomic Performance in MI Genomes 2 Fields: An Ongoing Collaboration with NCGA

Dr. Addie Thompson
Michigan State University

From Prescriptions Maps to Carbon Credits: A New Opportunity for MI Corn Growers

Dr. Bruno Basso
Michigan State University

Effects of cover cropping systems on soil microbial populations

Mid-Michigan Agronomy

Effects of cover cropping systems and tillage practices on carbon retention

Mid-Michigan Agronomy