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 Click here for the 2021 Research RFP.

Research is an integral part of what we are all about. State farmer dollars invested in research for corn have already resulted in the further development of corn-based markets such as ethanol, carpeting, fabrics, salt substitutes, and plastics that replace petroleum-based products.

Research requests for proposals (RFP) are distributed to parties interested in advancing Michigan’s corn industry through new and improved markets or through innovative production practices. Each year the Corn Marketing Program of Michigan (CMPM) board of directors, with help from Michigan Corn Growers Association board members, meets to hear proposals and votes to fund projects they feel meet their criteria and will add value to the corn industry. In addition to the research projects funded through this process, the CMPM partners with other corn growing states to fund large-scale national projects that are too costly for an individual state to fund on their own.

The focus of Michigan Corn’s research program includes projects that increase the profitability of Michigan corn production, increase market opportunities or improve the environmental footprint of corn production. Projects should focus on value-added projects; new product development; efficiency gain in current markets; enhancement of current, traditional markets; business or marketing plans; and information or value to enhance areas of production problems or global issues.

Current Research

Biology & Management of Asiatic Garden Beetle in Michigan

Dr. Chris DiFonzo
Michigan State University

Can we predict yield stability? Validation of the new algorithm

Dr. Bruno Basso
Michigan State University

Cass County assessment pilot project. Site Specific Review (SSR)

Michigan Gateway Foundation

Center for Excellence helping farmers help Lake Erie

Lenawee Conservation District