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Member Benefits

MCGA members receive a 20% discount off the $120 reporting price with MyAgData, the industry leader in electronic acreage reporting, which will help MCGA members easily report their acres electronically to the USDA.

MCGA members can go to to get started. To join MCGA, visit

About Electronic Acreage Reporting

Electronic acreage reporting replaces the current manual, paper-driven, process of reporting required acreage information to the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA), the USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA) and crop insurance providers.

Growers who use machine data to report actual planted acres can lower crop insurance premium costs. Historical data shows that actual planted acres are 4.7% to 6.9% less than the FSA acres shown on their paper maps. Annual savings for a 1,500 acre farm: $3,000.

Using electronic reporting technology replaces the time spent handwriting on FSA paper maps. A 1,500 acre grower reduced reporting time from about 12 hours to 1 hour.

One report, the actual planted acres, going electronically to both FSA and crop insurance providers minimizes human error and reduces audit risk.

For more information about MyAgData and electronic acreage reporting, visit