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Release Date: 04/19/2021

The Michigan Corn Growers Association (MCGA) today submitted comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on the proposed rule to update fuel pump labeling for E15 and improve the process for retailers to demonstrate compatibility of their equipment so they can offer higher ethanol blends.

“As producers of the primary feedstock for ethanol, Michigan’s corn growers support expanding availability of higher ethanol blends,” MCGA Executive Director Jim Zook wrote in the organization’s comments. “Increasing access to E15 will give consumers more choices at the pump and help decrease greenhouse gas emissions from our vehicle fleet using existing infrastructure. We urge EPA to move forward with removing these unnecessary barriers for retailers.”

Read MCGA’s full submitted comments here.

MCGA directed EPA to reference detailed technical comments submitted by the National Corn Growers Association. Those comments are available here.