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Release Date: 03/02/2022

LANSING – The Corn Marketing Program of Michigan (CMPM) today announced the recipients of 2022 checkoff funding for research projects.

Tar spot of corn continues to be a focus of the program, with three projects receiving funding to look at the disease:

  • Dr. Marty Chilvers, Michigan State University: “Optimizing management of tar spot” will build upon his previous fungicide application and timing research and will also explore disease resistance on various corn hybrids and inbreds.
  • Dr. Maninder Singh and Emily Merewitz-Holm, Michigan State University: “Quantifying physiological consequences of tar spot in corn to inform management decisions” will look at how photosynthesis and metabolic defense responses (plant health and function) are affected by tar spot and how this might impact yield.
  • Jerry Wilhm, AgroLiquid North Central Research Station: “Evaluation of fungicide application methods and timing for effects on tar spot and yield” is another look at management using fungicides.

“Tar spot of corn has spread across the state of Michigan and is now affecting growers in all of the major corn-producing areas of the state,” said Kristin Poley, research manager for the Corn Marketing Program of Michigan. “Finding better ways to manage and respond to tar spot is a critical area of research for our program because it directly impacts the profitability and productivity of corn farming.”

CMPM also funded a new project aimed at developing innovative uses for corn:

  • Låkril Technologies - “Conceptual process engineering enabling transformation of lactic-to-acrylics and separation of mixtures” will help develop technology to convert corn-derived lactic acid and ethanol to sustainably produced bio-acrylics at cost-parity to traditional petrochemical-based acrylics.

Other project areas include herbicide resistance management (Dr. Eric Patterson, MSU), cover crops and weed management (Dr. Erin Burns, MSU), controlled drainage (Dr. Ehsan Ghane, MSU), and using genetics to predict plant performance (Dr. Addie Thompson, MSU).

About CMPM
Headquartered in Lansing, CMPM is a farmer-funded, legislatively-established, statewide program that invests in research, education and market development to enhance the economic position of Michigan corn farmers. For more information, visit the Michigan Corn website at