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Release Date: 06/01/2022

State and Local Ag Leaders Push State Legislators to Support SB 814

LANSING, MI (May 26, 2022) – Michigan farm and biofuel advocates sent a letter to House and Senate leaders today urging swift action on legislation boosting access to lower-cost fuel blends produced with renewable energy from Michigan farms. Introduced by State Sen. Kevin Daley,  Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, SB 814 would offer qualifying retailers a tax credit for every gallon sold of higher ethanol blends, including $0.05 per gallon of E15 and $0.085 per gallon of E85.

“The legislation would cut fuel costs and open new markets for Michigan farmers, all while reducing reliance on imported fossil fuels,” wrote renewable fuel advocates, noting the latest surge in gasoline costs sparked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “In fact, statewide E15 – which typically saves drivers 10 cents or more per gallon – would drive dependable new demand for more than 78 million bushels of grain annually for Michigan farmers. It also would slash Michigan's greenhouse emissions by 580,000 metric tons."

Signers of the letter include leaders of the Michigan Farmers Union, Michigan Corn Growers Association, Michigan Agri-Business Association, Clean Fuels Michigan, and other key voices in the farm community.

A full copy of the letter can be found here.