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Release Date: 01/25/2024

The Michigan Corn Growers Association (MCGA) announced the election results for its board of directors yesterday at the organization’s 2024 Annual Meeting, which took place during the Great Lakes Crop Summit in Mt. Pleasant, MI.

Jay Parr (Brown City) was reelected to represent district 3, Cade Klein (Marcellus) was reelected to represent district 6, John Delmotte (Dundee) was reelected to represent district 8 and Morgan Beattie (Marshall) was elected as an at-large member of the board. Board members are elected to serve three-year terms.

“On behalf of the Michigan Corn Growers Association board, I offer my sincere congratulations to the new and returning members of the board of directors,” said Randy Poll, president of MCGA. “We appreciate their willingness to dedicate their time and talents to building a stronger future for Michigan’s corn farmers.”

The MCGA board also honored outgoing board member Russell Braun (Ovid) for his years of service and dedication to the organization.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Russell Braun for his commitment to the corn industry and his 9 years of service on the MCGA board,” said Poll. “In addition to his service to MCGA, Russell has served on a National Corn Growers Association action team and has also served as the Clinton County President. We have all benefited from his efforts and appreciate the positive impact he has made toward growing Michigan’s corn industry.”

To be elected to the MCGA board, individuals must be a regular member in good standing. A regular member is defined as any person, partnership, or other entity, who as the farm owner, lessee, tenant, operator or employee derives a portion of their income from the production of corn and supports the purposes for which this association has been formed.