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Release Date: 02/22/2023

Michigan corn producers have overwhelmingly approved a referendum to continue the Corn Marketing Program of Michigan (CMPM).

“With this vote, Michigan’s corn growers have affirmed that they see the value that the Corn Marketing Program brings to our corn industry,” said Matt Holysz, president of CMPM. “The checkoff allows us to work together as an industry to expand markets for our products, educate the public about what we do, and invest in cutting edge research to improve the profitability of corn farming. We are grateful for the trust of our growers and look forward to continuing to serve the industry.”

The Corn Marketing Program of Michigan increases the utilization of Michigan corn through market development, education, and research. It will continue for another five years, beginning March 1, 2023, and ending February 28, 2028. The current assessment rate is one cent ($.01) per bushel.

Of the 1451 valid ballots cast, 1,271 producers voted yes (88 percent), representing 81,403,166 bushels of corn (86 percent). For the program to have been renewed, more than 50 percent of the producer votes cast, representing more than 50 percent of the total number of bushels represented on the cast ballots, must have approved it. The program was last approved in 2018, and by law, must be renewed every five years.