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Corn Uses

Corn growers and the livestock industry have long had a beneficial relationship and continue to need each other to be profitable and successful. Livestock producers need corn and corn co-products as feed, and corn growers need the market provided by livestock producers.

Michigan Corn Usage by Specie
2017-2018 Estimates

Million Bushels
Dairy 39
Hogs 20
Poultry 15
Beef 6
Other 3

Livestock Usage

Source: PRX December 2018

Corn and Red Meat Exports

Corn growers and livestock producers also benefit greatly from the export of red meat. Livestock producers benefit from the expanded markets for the products and corn producers benefit from the increased demand for corn and distillers grains (a co-product of the ethanol industry). Based on 2015 data:

     - U.S. beef and pork exports accounted for 459.7 million bushels of corn

     - This represented $1.62 billion in added value to the corn industry

     - U.S. beef and pork exports accounted for 2 million tons of DDGS (169-bushel equivalent) and added $291 million in value to DDGS

     - Combined, U.S. beef and pork exports accounted for 14.9 million tons of combined corn and DDGS feed and 3.94 million acres of total production.